Review: Bearings, Nothing Here Is Permanent


7.0 out of 10

Bearings are a Canadian pop-punk outfit and the latest signees to Pure Noise Records. Nothing Here is Permanent is the band’s third EP and pulls influence from emo contemporaries such as Mayday Parade, but their sound still has the playful pop-punk spirit of bands like blink-182. The sound of this EP doesn’t stray far from the band’s influences, although the bass guitar does have a great tone that shines through on a few transitions.

“Petrichor” starts off the EP on a high note, but I don’t think the band is ever able to top the incredibly catchy and hard hitting opening moments of the track. The lead single “North Hanson” is definitely the highlight of the record, with its sobering lyrics, reserved bridge and unorthodox yet effective guitar solo at the song’s climax. Tracks such as these prove that Bearings are a cut above a lot of the pop-punk coming out of Canada’s East end. I don’t think Bearings has found a sound that is uniquely them, but there is no denying the band are putting together well-crafted tunes. I surprisingly enjoyed the whoa-oh’s on “Letters Home”, considering how much I typically hate this pop-punk cliché, but they sound pretty and help the song stand out in the track listing.

Unfortunately, I can’t find much to love about “Spent”, as there just doesn’t seem to be anything special or unique in the track besides a dramatic pause for a swear word. Overall, I thought this was a solid EP and I look forward to seeing if the band will develop a more unique sound on their full-length record.

Best Track: North Hanson
Worst Track: Spent


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