Hotel Sex Releases "Explode" Music Video

The newly formed electronic-pop act HOTEL SEX is causing a scene with the debut of their brand-new, unfiltered single, “Explode.”

“"Explode" is essentially a song about a bad guy, and a girl who, in the end, turns out to be even worse than he is.  I liked the idea of a seemingly "good" girl being a wicked boy's downfall. I've always loved the dichotomy of innocence and evil - people tend to look at me and think, oh she's cute and harmless, when beneath the big eyes and sweet smile is a bit of a devil. The video takes something innocent and childish - watching Saturday morning cartoons and eating cereal - and subverts it into something sexy, inappropriate, and totally strange. It's like a creepy cute, slightly satanic, candy-coated sex dream. I'm a super sexual person, so I wanted to create something that embraces a girl (or anyone!) taking pleasure in their sexuality - I just wanted to do in the most colorful, crazy, true to myself way.  Basically the whole thing needed to be a little bit twisted and a little fucked up haha. Yay for pervy, keytar playing bunnies, dick puppet shows, milk showers, and rainbow penis pops!” - Augusta Wise

You can check out the music video for the single here!

Brandynn Pope