Gallery: Sled Island


It happens so suddenly. One day you pick up your passes for Sled Island and the next day everything kicks off and you see your community of art and music loving people walk around with their pink and blue wrist bands. Walking downtown it's fairly easy to spot a person as they are onto the next show. The entire event is fun, and extremely overwhelming. You find yourself a schedule, as well as look through it again online, and figure out how many shows you can compact into one day and how long it will take you to go from one venue to the next. Places like the Palemino and Broken City are kinder to us with their multi-venue potential. This year, there happened to be quite the pour of rain throughout the week, but even then that didn't stop bands from playing and people going in attendance. 


While Sled Island is often overwhelming, the entire event has a bit of magic to it. Bands from all over end up having locals open up and it shows off the true community that Calgary shares when it comes to the love of music. 


Photography: Brandynn LP
Locations: The Palace, Broken City, McHugh House.