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On September 8th, 2017, Simple Plan came through Calgary, Alberta with Courage My Love, Selfish Things, and The Bottom Line. While the Canadian band often brings itself to the city once every couple of years this particular tour was special. Fifteen years ago the band put out their first record, No Pads No Helmets Just Balls, morphing them into the iconic pop punk band that they are now. For many this record has a special part in their adolescence, dealing with day to day mental struggles and the tension that comes with being in the "in between" of childhood and adulthood. The venue quickly filled up with fans of all ages, pushing against the barricade to listen to the full record. To many's surprises towards the end of the record, the band announced that they would be making a bit of a deep cut. Before their track "Perfect" the band broke into, "Grow Up." 

Some expected the night to be over at the end of the record but Simple Plan was ready to continue on with other popular releases of theirs. For a moment I thought that they were going to go ahead and perform their entire second record front to back. Immediately, they performed the tracks, "Shut Up" and "Jump." I anticipated "Welcome To My Life" to follow immediately after but instead they performed one of their newest tracks, "Boom!" Of course, it was no surprise when they did end the night off with the anthem-like song, "Welcome To My Life." 

 Calgary, Alberta September 8th, 2017 The Palace Theatre

Calgary, Alberta
September 8th, 2017
The Palace Theatre

Brandynn Pope