Gallery: Hoodie Allen


"I love you Steven," shouted a girl from the crowd at the Hoodie Allen show at the Vic Theatre in Chicago. "Thank you girl who looked up my real name on Wikipedia," Allen shouted back. Hoodie Allen is connected to his fans. He incorporates them into his live show and engages in dialogue. Before his set, fans could text in #FreeHoodie to his fan phone number to get the opportunity to go onstage that night, get some free swag and introduce his next song. Even though fans didn't bring a cake for him to throw out into the crowd for his song, "Cake Boy," Hoodie was prepared. He brought out two cakes to throw onto the crowd. His set list slowly built up to incorporate his most popular songs. Fans shouting for him to play specific songs didn't throw Hoodie off his game either.  The set list is a living organism and we can change it any time," he replied back to them. Although Hoodie and his crew  joke they have been touring, "since 'nam," it's apparent his fans can't get enough of his music and stage antics. 


Hoodie Allen
Ashley Altus