Gallery: Deadmau5


While a lot of the shows that we cover have a specific collective energy in the air, there certainly is a difference when you go to a show lined up with DJs. Not only is there a collective feeling but everything is a party. In between DJ sets there were a lot of people wandering around, lined up for drinks, or talking to one another about the show, their costumes, and whatever else would come up along the way. Once the main DJs started up the stage would be flooded with people dancing around excitedly to see the artist, and most specifically Deadmau5. Around 12:30AM Deadmau5 took to the stage with a dramatic build up of light. Concert goers looked around the stage, trying to follow the lights and figure out where the artist was located. Once the flood of light filled up the entire room they could see him high up, centre stage, on the pillar of light projection. Every projection was grand, beautiful, and a magnificent show to go along with the music. It became of an equal amount of importance to the songs that he was spinning. People climbed on one another's shoulder to take a better look at the set up, but even then they didn't need it. The light was powerful and expressive. Over all, the experience was a world of enchantment for everyone in attendance. 


BMO Center, Calgary, AB

Brandynn Pope