Gallery: State Champs


With the most pop-punk crew following them, State Champs took part in their first cross-Canada tour. The line up included the likes of Bearings, Sleep On It, and Homesafe, showcasing all of the amazing up-incoming bands that speak a lot to the ever-changing genre. The show was intimate with the community of people coming together close up to the stage for the entire duration of State Champ's performance. Every person in the room knew the words and sang them back to the band with great enthusiasm and passion. I vividly remember feeling so happy and excited to watch this band based on their energy as well as everything the crowd was giving into the performance as well. They played every song that everyone there wanted to hear, and even allowed a fan to come up on stage with them during their very last song, "Secrets." 


Calgary, Alberta
September 23rd, 2017
The Marquee

Brandynn Pope