Gallery: PVRIS + Lights

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While it may be difficult to find a color photograph of PVRIS, their show was technicolor with rainbow flags thrown from adoring fans picked up byCVLT leader front woman Lynn Gunn and placed on every instrument on stage. Gunn has cemented herself as an LGBTQ icon for young fans.  A portion of the ticket proceeds for this tour were even donated to the Ally Coalition, an organization that supports LGBTQ equality. 

There was no better support to compliment his headling tour than electro-pop artist Lights. The red-headed goddess expressed numerous times how proud she was of her highly anticipated concept album Skin & Earth and comic book series. Her setlist was packed with songs from the new release and Little Machines mega hits were sprinkled in between. There was even a throwback song from her 2009 release, the Listening. 

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PVRIS warmed up the crowd with favorites like St Patrick, Holy and You and I, slowly easing in to their sophomore release All We Know of Heaven, All We Need of Hell. While their last headlining U.S. tour took inspiration from gothic architecture, this time, their set was adorned with street lights and vertical rectangular screens with abstract visuals. The CVLT is here and in full force. 

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Chicago, IL 22/10/17
Ashley Altus

Brandynn Pope